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Feel the Pulse of the Twin Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul are vibrant hubs of creativity—in fact, . And MCAD is in the heart of them.

Thrive in a Land of Prosperity

The metro area is a thriving business community—only NYC, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco are 五福彩票app苹果版下载 to more Fortune 500 headquarters. With leading medical, retail, technology, food, and advertising companies, the Twin Cities attract top talent from around the world. The Atlantic has praised Minneapolis as a "," thanks to an outstanding college graduation rate, high median earnings, and number one employment rate for young adults in the country五福彩票app苹果版下载.

Get Fit without Trying

An unmatched park system connects the Twin Cities' lakes, creeks, and rivers with miles of . Bicycling magazine has named us the nation's , our mix of urban and outdoor lifestyles has garnered us the third spot in Outside magazine's , and we are behind only Washington, DC, in the American Fitness Index's list of .

Live in an Urban Neighborhood

, MCAD's neighborhood and 五福彩票app苹果版下载 to the amazing and famed on Nicollet Avenue, is a .


  • What Is There to Do?

    Whether you're a new transplant from another city, state, or country五福彩票app苹果版下载, or whether you've called the Twin Cities 五福彩票app苹果版下载 your entire life, we guarantee .

    Below is a list of some of the best and most unique places to eat, shop, and have fun near MCAD. This list is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully it serves as a jumping point as you explore all that Whittier and the Twin Cities have to offer!

    EAT on the famed Eat Street of Minneapolis.

  • SEE impressive things at museums, theaters, and sporting events.

    HEAR everything from local acts to top artists.

    DO something new every season.

    BUY clothing, music, and essentials.