Gloria Adrian with recent self-portrait
Gloria Adrian with recent self-portrait

Gloria Adrian ’95 sat down with the Hudson Star-Observer newspaper and talked about where she finds inspiration, her process, and how she deals with art block. 

Adrian says that while she loves capturing a person's "inner essence" through paint, she draws most inspiration from nature. Taking long walks in the woods is a must, Adrian says that nature "fills" her and allows her to return to the artistic process.

That process is often a systematic yet fun practice. She starts with photography, choosing a photo from multiple takes of the subject. From that, Adrian paints the person with soulfulness and changes the background from inside to outside, or abstract. She is led by trying to best capture their "aura, like the colors in the air mix with the dust in the air."

This artistic process isn't safe from art block, however. Adrian explains how while some paintings come easy, others she "struggles and struggles with." She says how the best, but not the easiest, way of overcoming this is to "just keep painting," and to understand this while your art may seem wrong it is merely another step in the process.

Adrian's most recent art series on diversity in the Hudson region is currently on view at the Phipp's Center for the Arts.

Adrian at the Phipps
March 6–April 5
Phipps Center for the Arts (Hudson, Wisconsin)

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