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The is now open. Deadline to apply is Friday, March 20, 五福彩票app苹果版下载.

The McKnight Foundation has recently expanded the categories of fellowships so that there are now a total of fourteen available for mid-career and established Minnesota artists.

Highpoint Center for Printmaking administers two fellowships for printmakers, the Textile Center oversees two for fiber artists, Pillsbury House administers two for community-engaged artists, and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts oversees two for book artists. More information about these fellowships and their particular deadlines is available at . Please note that you may only apply in one category for any given fellowship cycle. 

About the McKnight Visual Artist Fellowships

The McKnight Fellowships for Visual Artists program has been administered by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design since 1981. The fellowship program rewards talented Minnesota visual artists whose work is of exceptional artistic merit, who have created a substantial body of work over a period of time, and who are at a career stage beyond emerging. In 五福彩票app苹果版下载 there will be six $25,000 fellowships awarded. The focus of the fellowship is to connect fellows to six visiting critics, to participate in a 

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